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Turnaround Consulting for Small Business..

Syndicated Leasing offers the skills and know-how to get deals past the funding hurdle. Our account representatives are trained to work closely with you to structure even the most difficult deals. Instead of rejecting deals without explanation, our credit department works with you to develop alternatives to fund your equipment...

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Turnaround Consulting for Small Business Equipment Lease Financing California

What happens when the money starts to run out or has run out?

In a turnaround situation a company is generally facing several, if not all, of the following issues:
  • Company is out of money or nearly out of money
  • The board has lost confidence of the management team
  • Morale in the company is low
  • Management team is frustrated, scared, and not working well together
  • Sales have fallen short of the needed targets
  • Expenses are out of control
  • Customers are experiencing poor or low quality support
In a turnaround, it is important to get everyone involved and to ensure that everyone’s objectives are completely aligned. There is no time to waste fighting useless political battles where individuals are pointing fingers at each other attempting to associate the blame to others.

Just a few of our typical services:

Syndicated can provides fast, creative strategic and tactical financial advice, working with client management and staff and/or directly implementing agreed upon initiatives as an internal work team:
  • Business financial feasibility analysis
  • Financial modeling and due diligence for: investors, boards,
  • Draft business plan revisions and investment proposals
  • Investigate and advise on alternative capital resources
  • Investigate immediate cost reduction opportunities
  • Develop thoughtful alternatives
  • Design measurable, executable strategies
  • Report on recommended actions
  • Execute and implement agreed upon initiatives
  • Prepare lease and occupancy costs evaluations
  • Negotiate cost reductions, accounts payables discounts
  • Valuations & liquidation analysis
  • Pre Chapter 11 planning
  • Organize Chapter 11 information for counsel
  • Investigate and manage preference payment recoveries
  • Prepare Chapter 11 Plans of Reorganization with counsel

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