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Capital Equipment Leasing

Syndicated Leasing offers capital equipment leasing and financing services, it has the skills and know-how to get deals past the funding hurdle. Our account representatives are trained to work closely with you to structure even the most difficult deals. Instead of rejecting deals without explanation, our credit department works with you to develop alternatives to fund your equipment ....

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Working Capital Equipment Financing, Capital Leasing California

Capital Equipment Lease Financing California

Free-Up Working Capital With Equipment Leasing

It is possible to free-up working capital and have cash to grow your business in two words. These two simple words are... equipment leasing. For small business, a main issue is having enough capital to run and grow operations. Meeting tight payroll deadlines or buying more inventories is a real strain on the cash reserve. Here you need capital equipment lease financing. Syndicated Leasing which is an equipment leasing company California will assist you in this case.

When it comes to putting down a large sum of cash or going to the bank for credit to buy or upgrade equipment, an equipment leasing option can be a better alternative for small businesses. Having your cash reserves invested in equipment makes you asset rich and cash poor. Cash poor companies cannot respond to changing market conditions or take advantage of new opportunities. Let's take a closer look at the advantages of equipment leasing.

Equipment Leasing Advantages

Expense Item: Monthly payments on a lease are considered an expense, whereas a loan is considered a debt.

Tax Savings: The equipment bought on a loan is depreciated over several years but the lease monthly expenses can be deducted in the current year. This can help maintain your bank credit line. Talk to your accountant for more details on your situation.

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