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Equipment Leasing Services

Credit Solutions

Syndicated Leasing offers the skills and know-how to get deals past the funding hurdle. Our account representatives are trained to work closely with you to structure even the most difficult deals. Instead of rejecting deals without explanation, our credit department works with you to develop alternatives to fund your equipment...

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Machine Equipment financing services California

Equipment Leasing Services: Financing Equipment Lease California: IT'S AS EASY AS 1-2-3...

1. Contact Syndicated Leasing.

For standard leases covering equipment costing less than $150,000, we can usually qualify you with a simple Account Application (link to application). Over that amount, or if there are unusual circumstances or company history, we may also ask for financial statements and similar documents.

2. Create a Lease Program.

As soon as you submit your application, a Syndicated leasing specialist will contact you to assist you in selecting the structure that makes the most sense for your company - or create a custom program just for your business's special needs.

3. Get the equipment.

After you select the equipment you want and the vendor you want to deal with, Syndicated Leasing will handle all arrangements, provide complete lease documentation and insure that you get the best possible pricing and quick delivery. We will then pay your vendor promptly and begin the lease term.

Syndicated offers full service equipment financing for most businesses. We can lease almost any kind of commercial equipment including: office, computers and networks, industrial, business, construction, trucks and other vehicles, material handling, printing and telecommunications.

Syndicated Leasing is a general leasing company funding a variety of equipment. Credit decisions are based on equipment type. Stronger equipment, defined as resale value, re-marketability, and lifetime bring added value to the credit determination. Equipment Guidelines

Types of Equipment
Refer to the guidelines below for specific equipment

  • Computer Systems
    All systems and related equipment are limited to 36 month terms with $1.00 out rates or FMV pricing with a PUT agreement.

  • Dry Cleaning Equipment
    Equipment five years or older will have a maximum term of 36 months with a $1.00 buy out residual. Lessees must have at least two years in business and/or time as current owner.

  • Playground Equipment
    Requires residual of $1.00 or a 10% PUT. Playground equipment restricted in FMV only states.

  • Rental Equipment
    Rental equipment is acceptable. Rental Yard Addendum must be included in final documentation package.

  • Soft Costs
    Usually limited to less than 25% of total equipment cost. If costs exceed 25%, a reduction to the maximum allowable lease term and residual may be made to reduce risk of unknown future equipment value.

  • Software
    $1.00 out rates apply/$1.00 out pricing in FMV only states. Maximum of 36 month term.

  • Used Equipment
    No age limits on used equipment. Applications must state equipment age, with photos and condition reports needed before documentation on used equipment exceeding $15,000.

  • Used Trucks & Trailers
    No age limits on used equipment. Applications must state equipment age, with photos and condition reports needed before documentation on used trucks/trailers exceeding $15,000.

  • Vending Equipment
    Syndicated Leasing requires lessees to have more than two years in business.

Restricted Equipment
Gas Pump Monitoring Systems
ATM Machines
Auto Dialing Marketing Systems
Card Verification Equipment
Gambling/Gaming Machines
Dishes & Small Wares
Light Fixtures
Security Gates
Fire Suppression Systems
Hood Systems
HVAC Units
Solvent Recovery Systems
Underground Storage Tanks

Private Party Sale
Permitted for titled equipment and hard assets with a clear title and Bill of Sale notarized and signed by seller. Private party sales require a site inspection.

Sale Leaseback
Permitted for titled equipment and hard assets with value review and limit of lease amount to no greater than 70% of total value. Ownership by seller and right to sell must be proven, and verified in advance by broker via UCC search. FMV residual required in CA. FMV residual required in NC below $25,000. Sale leaseback requires site inspection.

We offer

* National Scope
* Custom and Structured Leases
* Electronic Documents Available via e-Mail
* Electronic Funds Transfer
* Dedicated Lease Manager Assigned To Each Account
* Same Day or Next Morning Credit Decisions
* Funding In 48 Hours
* "A" through "Sub-Prime" Credit Scope
* Equipment Insurance


Syndicated Leasing has a one page application for your businesses to obtain up to $75,000 in financing, usually within 4 hours and up to $200,000 usually within 24 hours. A credit evaluation is conducted using commercial and personal credit bureaus to determine the method of funding that best fits your business needs.
  • Transaction size - $5,000 - $200,000
  • 1 page application
  • Buy outs - Fair Market Value, 10% or $1 Dollar
  • Terms can be as short as 12 months all the way to 60 months
  • Monthly, Quarterly, Seasonal payment arrangements
  • Most new or used business equipment, furniture, vehicles, etc.

Syndicated Leasing's Commercial leasing department works to establish relationships with companies seeking equipment financing, custom financial solutions for their equipment needs. Our industry specialists work hard to develop financial packages from $150,000 to $50 million.
  • Leasing starting from $150,000 - $5,000,000
  • Full financial package will be requested
  • 24 to 60 months available
  • Fair Market Value, $1, Balloon Payment and 10%
  • Monthly, Quarterly, Cash Flow Based
  • Product will determine the documents required
  • Most new or used business equipment, furniture, vehicles, etc.
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