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Leasing Overview
Leasing Overview
1. What is leasing?
Leasing is contract in which the owner of a property like equipment, automobile, real estate or other fixed assets lends his property for a specified time in exchange for payment, usually in the form of rent.
2. Benefits of Leasing?
Leasing is a solution for any and every type of business. Leasing allows you to tailor the length and amount of your payments to meet your business requirements.
Tax Benefits:
Lease payments are usually fully tax-deductible and help in conserving capital. By providing 100% financing, leasing allows to have more money available to put into profit generating activities. Working capital is free for investments that will grow your business, produce income, and insure the equipment you acquire earns profits.
Easy to obtain:
Lease is much easier to obtain than bank loan. Most banks require larger down payments and compensating balances. As lease payments are fixed, leasing lets you plan ahead with the assurance that your monthly payments will not change. With revolving bank loans, payments can change depending upon credit strength and / or prevailing interest rates.
When the lease contact is finished, there are several options available to the lessee like: return the leased item with no further obligation, purchase it for a specific price or keep it and extend the lease.

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